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For some, the thought of sharing your life with others causes you to break-out in a cold sweat. For others, it seems like sharing your life with others is just another good reason to have a party. While American culture emphasizes the individual, the Bible repeatedly emphasizes our identity in Christ within a redemptive community. Doing life together in small groups is an essential part to spreading God’s fame.

Within these small gatherings, we can mutually build each other up because we are personally invested. We get to know each other better, affirm spiritual gifts and abilities. A small group can help cultivate healthy spiritual accountability. Within small groups, each person is stirred up to actively invest and pursue a life of following Jesus.

The purpose of our small groups is to have relationships where we can learn together, work together, and play together.

Learning Together – Learning the truth of God’s Word and how to practically obey it in our everyday lives is what Jesus commissioned his followers to do. We have three small group “seasons,” lasting roughly twelve weeks each in which groups will study a New Testament book, an Old Testament book, and various topics unique to individual groups.

Working Together – One of the other ways our relationships deepen is when we work together. We want to break from the huddle and show our city what it means to truly love our neighbors. Working together to meet both the physical needs and the spiritual needs of those we are trying to reach for Jesus impacts our relationships within the small group.

Playing Together – Another way we deepen our relationships is by simply playing together. We want to spend time sharing meals together and just having fun with no other agenda.

Be a part of spreading God’s fame in Eugene and to the uttermost. Invest in eternity today by committing to learning together, working together, and playing together.

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