Shepherding Team

We believe the Scriptures teach that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, the Chief Shepherd. Under His headship, the church is to be shepherded by a plurality of Elders, commonly called Pastors.

Dan Glockle (Vocational Pastor) — Dan Glockle accepted the vocational pastorate of Berean Baptist Church (now Redeemer Fellowship) on July 28, 2013. He has previously served other churches in FL and NC. He holds a M.Div. (PTS, Pensacola) and Th.M. (SBTS, Louisville) and desires to lovingly engage people in his life through thoughtful conversations about Jesus and the world. Dan believes that the best way for the city of Eugene to flourish is for citizens of a new city, the city of God, to live their lives in a way that reflects the builder and architect of that city, Jesus Christ. He and his wife Tracy have three children, Charles, Eleanor, and George.

Aaron O’Harra (Vocational Pastor) (bio coming soon)

Jordan Scarbrough (Pastor) (bio coming soon)

Greg Ervin (Pastor) (bio coming soon)

Josh Dillow (Worship Leader) — Josh has been a public school music teacher for over ten years and is currently teaching students at Monroe Middle School in Eugene. He Ioves reading, playing musical instruments, remodeling projects, and hiking. He and his wife Lisa have four children.

Deacon Team

The duties of the Deacons are specifically appointed to free the Elders to pursue the ministry of the Word of God and prayer.

Darryl Coen (Deacon) — 

Craig Flippen (Deacon) — 

Chris Sweet (Deacon) — 

Timothy Werth (Deacon) — 

Luis Corona (Deacon) — 

Candie Sagehorn (Deaconess) — Candie has lived in Oregon for almost a decade since retiring from her career at California State University, Long Beach where she was once a computer programmer, and eventually a budget director. She is an avid reader of murder mysteries, enjoys traveling, biking, water aerobics, and pickleball.

Sarah Fredette (Deaconess)