Objectives of CBT

Knowing the Word, Knowing the Whole, Knowing the World

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Upcoming Course Offerings (TBA)


All courses meet on Monday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, for six weeks; various *Track 2 courses will also meet on Sundays. *Subject to Change               


Redeemer Fellowship*Specifics TBA

The Importance of Training

The purpose of CBT is to equip the people of God to grow in their knowledge of God so they become fruitful and effective. The Center for Biblical Training is not an alternative to corporate worship (preaching, praying, praising) or a replacement of church community (communion, confession, commitment). Corporate worship and community within a local church are necessary and essential for each follower of Jesus. The Center for Biblical Training is a complement to the process of making mature disciples and training faithful leaders.

The ability to grow in knowledge and love takes personal effort. This personal effort helps the church body to flourish, enabling individuals to instruct others in this knowledge and love (Romans 15:14). All of this requires proper training and the need for training is urgent. Thankfully, God has given Emerald Bible Fellowship (Richard Roberts) and the recently merged Redeemer Fellowship (formerly: The Rising, Aaron O’Harra and Berean Baptist Church, Dan Glockle) a healthy partnership of like-minded churches and pastors to grow together in this training.

The Steps of Training

The Center for Biblical Training offers two unique tracks for learning:

Track 1 is intended to train individuals in essential Church Doctrine and Christian Living.

Track 2 is intended to train individuals in essential skills for Church Leadership (i.e. Elders, deacons, teachers, counselors).

The Scopes of Training

Track 1 Hermeneutics, Bible Study Methods, Systematic Theology, Church History, Apologetics/Worldview, God-Centered Living, Spiritual Disciplines

Track 2 (in addition to Track 1) Greek, Hebrew, Diagramming and Arcing, Preaching, Biblical Theology, Mentored Ministry

The Seasons of Training (*Tentative)         

2021 Term 1 (9/20 – 10/25), Term 2 (11/8 – 12/13)

2022 Term 3 (1/10 – 2/14), Term 4 (2/28 – 4/4), Term 1 (9/12 – 10/24), Term 2 (11/7 –12/19)

2023 Term 3 (1/9 – 2/13), Term 4 (2/27 – 4/3), Term 1 (9/18 – 10/30), Term 2 (11/13 –12/18)